Business Policies & COVID-19 Protocols


Updated January 22, 2021

Due to an increase in infections during the winter season I am implementing additional restrictions to assure the safest environment for my clients. Please read thoroughly.

  • I am only seeing existing clients or direct referrals in an effort to be as confident as possible that I am not putting any of my clients at risk.

  • If you are at an increased risk for severe illness due to infection I ask that you indicate this when scheduling an appointment and I will make sure you are the first in my office for the day.   

  • I will not be scheduling massages for any clients who live with school-age children that are attending in-person classes.  I will continue to reassess this decision as the spread of virus slows. 

  • I will not be scheduling massages for any clients who have someone living in their household who is socializing without following the strictest of protocols. By this I mean that if they are attending social gatherings or going to work environments with more than 10 people, not adhering to social distancing, and/or are not wearing masks that cover both nose and mouth at all times when around others outside of their household. 

  • If you are attending any large gatherings that will be exposing you to people who fall in the category of the preceding paragraphs, I will not be able to see you for an appointment until 2 weeks after such gatherings or if you test* negative for COVID-19, whichever comes first. 

  • If you are doing any travel by air, train, or bus, I will not be able to see you for an appointment until 2 weeks after you have returned home or if you test negative for COVID-19, whichever comes first. *Please see test expectations below.

  • There will be no conversations of a personal nature during the course of your massage. 

  • If you learn after receiving a massage that you may have been exposed prior to the appointment, please notify me immediately!  I will close my business down until I learn for certain if the exposure had an impact on you, in which case I will get tested. 

  • I have suspended all gift certificate sales and special promotions and am not able to take any new clients at this time.  In addition, because I have limited availability as a result of safe business practices, I am strictly enforcing my cancellation and late policy (see below).  If you are unable to  keep your appointment due to COVID-19 exposure or symptoms, you will not be penalized or charged for the cancelled appointment.   

  • I am limiting the amount of clients I see in my office so as to have adequate time between appointments to disinfect all surfaces. I have added extra barriers between my massage table and the sheets and pillows and am sanitizing everything you touch with an antiseptic solution approved by the CDC. Unfortunately, this means that you will not have the extra padding that I normally have on my table due to sanitation protocols and I may opt out of using extra pillows to prop your head or arms. I have purchased a Honeywell HPA300 air filtration system to assist in lowering the risk factors inherent in being in an enclosed space. 

  • If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, we will cancel the appointment at no cost to you:

fever or chills


shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


muscle or body aches


new loss of taste or smell

sore throat

congestion or runny nose

nausea or vomiting


* It is my understanding that rapid testing is not truly reliable, and therefore, to err on the side of caution, I will only accept a negative result from a 3-day turnaround test or two rapid tests 7 days apart.


Text me from the parking lot to let me know that you have arrived and I will let you know when you can come up to my office – do not enter until I have texted you.  You must wear a face mask covering your mouth, nose, and chin completely and at all times. You can enter through the main entrance next to Jilly’s and open the door by tapping the automatic door opener with your elbow, hip, or foot (depending how flexible you are) to avoid touching it. Also, I encourage you to take the stairs rather than the elevator.  My building makes it easy to avoid touching commonly handled surfaces.

I will meet you in the hall outside the restroom where we will first take care of contactless payment.  Venmo is preferred but you may also pay with a credit card, check, or exact cash.  

After we have taken care of payment you will wash your hands before entering my office and use the washcloth I provide you with to touch all doorknobs from the restroom to my office.  The white chair and stool in the corner of the massage space are for your clothes and belongings.  Please do not spend any time in the waiting room and refrain from utilizing any other areas in my office or touching anything to your immediate needs so as to make my sanitation efforts as simple as possible. I am doing everything I know to keep my office as sterile as possible, your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

Settle yourself on the massage table lying face up.  You MUST continue to keep your mask on throughout the massage. I will be locking the outer door and leaving the inner door open to allow for greater air circulation and the HEPA filter will be on throughout your massage. 

Now relax and enjoy; I promise, as someone who is also receiving massage during this time of COVID, your massage experience will be as wonderful as always no matter all these new guidelines!


Late arrivals will not receive an extension of the scheduled appointment. The original reservation fee will be charged no matter how long the session is.


With the exception of a COVID-19 concern, if an appointment is cancelled on the same day for which it is scheduled, the client will be charged in full for the time. Massage appointments are highly valued.  I appreciate your respect for my professional time and thank you for your consideration.  


In the event that there is no notification and a client fails to show up at the scheduled time the client will be charged in full for the session.


I will honor the cash value of all gift certificates but will not be able to see new clients at this time. If you are a new client with a gift certificate to redeem you may either wait until I have removed restrictions or discuss with the one who gifted it how they would like to proceed.  All gift certificates purchased are eligible for 100% refund directly to the purchaser upon request. Please feel free to call me to discuss your options.  

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Gentle music - pleasant smells - low lighting - a welcoming environment - quietness - responsive to conversation but quietness is peaceful and refreshing. Ruth's massage techniques are invigorating, varied according to my needs, and therapeutic. Aches and pains disappear over time. I highly recommend a regular massage in order to have those therapeutic benefits.

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