Resources for Further Exploration

Massage therapy is great, but it typically takes a village to round out your health and wellness plan. I am often asked about other avenues of care. Here are some resources of professionals and organizations I respect and recommend for further exploration on your own. I am happy to talk with you further about any of these should you care to know more.

What people are saying...

Gentle music - pleasant smells - low lighting - a welcoming environment - quietness - responsive to conversation but quietness is peaceful and refreshing. Ruth's massage techniques are invigorating, varied according to my needs, and therapeutic. Aches and pains disappear over time. I highly recommend a regular massage in order to have those therapeutic benefits.

~Shirley T

What people are saying...

I always love my massage experience with Ruth. It's a real gift to myself. I only hate that it's over too fast!!!!

~Lainie N

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