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Ruth's Newsletter

A wonderful resource for information related to self-care and to stay up-to-date with Ruth's Practice.

Last Minute Availability Email

A friendly reminder to take care of YOU!  

Do you forget to put your self-care on the top of your to-do list? Subscribe for Ruth's Weekly Availability email to easily see if there's an hour that works into your schedule in the upcoming week.  Put your work to the side for one hour and sneak in to my office to make your well-being the priority!  I promise, it will all still be there when your session is finished but you will feel much more prepared to take on the world after your massage!

​Rewards Program

In gratitude for being a loyal customer and after receiving ten massages within an 18-month period* you will receive $40 off the 11th massage. I keep track of the hours for you and notify you of your upcoming discount so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

* Discounts, promotions and gift certificates do not qualify.

Annual Holiday Special 

$30 Gift Certificate

A 30-minute Massage for only $30, more than 30% off the regular rate.  It is the perfect holiday gift that lets them know you care. Reduced from $45, this gift is sure to fit most budgets and always pleases.


Multiple gift certificates may not be combined. The recipient may choose to upgrade to a full hour for an additional $40 when they book the massage! 


And with my unique gift certificate policy you are guaranteed to never throw your money down the drain!

What people are saying...

I always love my massage experience with Ruth. It's a real gift to myself. I only hate that it's over too fast!!!!

~Lainie N

What people are saying...

I have been searching for a massage that is perfect and I found it with Ruth . She is very professional, has a good touch that soothes sore muscles and cares about you as a person. I felt healthier and even taller when she finished with me! Absolutely a great job! I'm thrilled I found her.                                        


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